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If You Grew Up With a Narcissistic Parent

Unconscious patterns can get us in trouble, mostly with ourselves, especially if we are relating (or trying to relate) to someone with narcissistic tendencies or a person who has been abusive. Friend, spouse, parent, employer, adult child or sibling, caregiver, person you are caring for, and others. Unconscious patterns stem from childhood for myriad reasons. We need to see them as precious and

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How Trauma Can Feel, Trauma

The Pressure to Forgive

Forgiveness and acceptance evolve.

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8 Perspectives on Trauma and Self-Blame

Blaming oneself about the sexual violation you endured is a common phenomenon. It happens to sufferers of other forms of abuse and coercion, too.

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How Trauma Can Feel, Self-Blame, Trauma

The Myth of Complicity

I have heard otherwise book smart—though not emotionally intelligent—people say that it is important to understand one’s complicity in the abuse. Complicity? C’mon.

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Reclaim Trust, Live Authentically

My Voice Can Speak Is Dedicated to the Process of Unfurling and Re-emerging After Trauma

We hear you, we see you, we understand. There is hope now and in the future. You are not alone in your emotions. In your concerns. Your worries. However, your experience is individual. That is important. And so are you.

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