Forgiveness, or something like that

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On NPR’s Life Kit, Stephanie O’Neill explains what forgiveness actually entails. The piece also offers effective ways to forgive and details how the concept is often highly individual.

O’Neill says:

“Contrary to popular opinion, the practice of forgiveness is not about condoning or making excuses for unfair treatment and other hurtful behaviors. It’s not about getting an apology or a show of remorse from the offending party. And despite what’s portrayed in films, novels, poems and love songs, it’s not necessarily about reconciliation. Granted, reconnecting with loved ones can be a wonderful byproduct of forgiveness, but it’s not a requirement or even a goal in some cases — especially if doing so would subject you to more harm.”

Read “Why Forgiving Someone Else Is Really About You” on NPR here 

Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

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Jillian Bietz

Jillian Bietz is a writer and editor who enjoys doing in-depth research and exploring a wide-range of topics including all facets of mental health and wellness. She is the editor for My Voice Can Speak.

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