Dealing With a Narcissist? Substitute Acceptance For Compassion

Narcissism and Scapegoating

One of the more challenging things we want to do is to cultivate compassion for the narcissist. It’s got to be awful walking around with a gaping, unhealed wound. And yet, the narcissist eventually brings pain to all they touch.

This is difficult for the non-narcissistic person to comprehend. Part of our work is simply accepting what is. Substituting the word acceptance for compassion can help. A lot. It neutralizes the attachment you feel to the narcissist. It introduces a kind of distance and detachment so you/we can see the reality.

If we stop throwing energy at the hurt and pain, the power of it slowly fades and reality, where we can find our footing, takes its place.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

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Jillian Bietz

Jillian Bietz is a writer and editor who enjoys doing in-depth research and exploring a wide-range of topics including all facets of mental health and wellness. She is the editor for My Voice Can Speak.

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