Intimidation and Status in the Elite Sports World

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An article from The New York Times serves as a reminder that abusers come in many forms.

Danielle Allentuck reports on the story of suspended gymnastics coach Maggie Haney who verbally abused and mistreated young athletes. Allentuck cites Karen Goeller, another gymnastics coach who provided information and filed a formal complaint about Haney.

Goeller…became aware of concerns about Haney’s methods a year ago, when six families she worked with separately described mistreatment. In some cases, Goeller said, athletes were forced to remove casts and train on injured limbs.

Goeller said Haney told her gymnasts that they were not allowed to tell anyone what happened in the gym. “The kids were afraid to speak up,” Goeller said...Haney has also threatened people who are testifying against her…

Read “Maggie Haney, Elite Gymnastics Coach, Is Suspended for 8 Years” here

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