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After Trauma, Deconstructing Shame

After someone has been traumatized, some things are meant to be deconstructed. Shame is one of them.

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Trauma Recovery Sparked By Words

Rekindle self-connection or ignite connection within for the first time.

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The Awful Myth of Complicity in Trauma

Telling someone who has endured trauma to “take full responsibility” for bringing on the abuse is insensitive and wrong. But it happens to people who have endured sexual abuse, physical violence, and emotional torment. What you need to know.

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Reteaching the body to recognize and handle triggers from a traumatic event

Present day experiences which act as triggers can re-traumatize people.

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Ludo’s “Love Me Dead” mirrors narcissism to perfection

The lyrics are brilliant, capturing in creatively distilled words the agony and fleeting ecstasy of the illusion the narcissist projects–and how we fall for it, and get kicked by it.

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Desperation examined via the words of John Updike: “Was I clever enough? Was I charming?”

This book review in the New York Times about a a biography by Adam Begley about John Updike (an author whose work I happen to like so very much) made me think about desperation and the lengths one goes to to be seen. (Not the book review specifically, but about what it says about John Updike.) And

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The Paradox of Self-Connection

We think of a sturdy self-connection as being beneficial. And that’s true. But self-connection as such, as a sturdy self-connection, is kind of a paradox. Sturdiness implies something solid and strong. But the twist here is that a sturdy and strong self-connection is built on constant growth and deepening. Unfurling and emerging. Examining and exploring.

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Trauma-Informed Books

by Meredith Resnick, LCSW

Meredith's books offer distilled and powerful suggestions to aid in recovery from narcissistic abuse, toxic families, sexual assault, and other personal topics. The books she has written have sold and helped tens of thousands in their recovery from the damaging effects of abuse and trauma. Maybe they can help you, too. 

Narcissism Surviving the Self Involved Book Cover
Surviving the Narcissist 30 Days of Recovery
When Your Parent is a Narcissist Book Cover
Stop Counting the Hours Book Cover

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